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All right! You are almost there and about to experience fun and entertaining day with us.

What do I need to prepare?

The host only has to set up tables and chairs, and provide plates and utensils. We bring our own hibachi grill and experienced chef.

What comes with my meal?
Each guest can choose their own customized meal. It starts with a side edamame or chicken dumplings (can only choose one for the whole party) and comes with hibachi vegetables, fried rice, and 2 choices of protein.

What if I have larger event?
Party size of 30+ guests can request 2 chefs.

How long is the event?
Chef will cook for 1 and half hours. 

What if don't have exact guest number and menu?
Hosting an event is not easy. We totally understand. Please pick your favorite chef and reserve your date first. We will send you a follow up email to ask final number of guests and menu four days before your event.

What is side extra order?
Every meal comes with a standard restaurant portion. Side orders are recommended so food never runs out. Especially for those hibachi lovers.

How do I reserve your service?
We take reservations online only. Please see availability on this web page by choosing a chef and time.

Hello New Jersey! So How dose it work?

Please sit back, grab a drink and enjoy this 2 minute video.


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