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What you do and who do you do it for?


We are a Hibachi (teppanyaki) Catering company providing full service hibachi catering for New York, New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. We cater for all occasions including private events, business meetings, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, galas, fundraisers, recognition of special achievement, birthdays, showers, backyard catering receptions, banquets, and photo shoots. Whether small or large, Tokyo Hibachi Catering will make your next event a memorable one.


What specifically will people get from working with you why are you qualified?


Our customers are always impressed by the fresh authentic and fusion Live Hibachi stations we provide. At Tokyo Hibachi Catering, we only select our food from top providers in the area. This ensures quality, freshness, and a flavor that is unmatched in our industry. Our well trained team will provide high class service to everyone at your function. Our Executive Chef Andrew and team has been making delicious Hibachi since 2016. He learned the craft NJ &  Manhattan and the continued working in NJ before beginning Tokyo Hibachi Catering.


How are you different from the competition?


At Tokyo Hibachi Catering we turn Hibachi catering into a work of art. We take special care to serve our high quality hibachi on impressive way that no one will forget! All of our customers are blown away by the elaborate and creative entertaining we use to showcase our catering event. These are truly unique shows that you will not find anywhere else. This brings a unique eating experience to your private event or business function. 


Why should someone contact you right now?


If you want to provide a delicious and memorable eating experience at your next event you should contact us today to reserve your favorite display. We will take your reservation and discuss menu options that will sure to please everyone.

Also, we are providing online ordering service to New York, New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.


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We are proudly located in Woodland Park, NJ.

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